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I had previously never thought about doing this especially when it took me a good 20 minutes to read 10 pages, by which time I was ready to die.. Now reading the whole book in one go became the purpose. Books I have read recently have taken 1 to 2 hours. I am concentrated on the book and what I have to learn from it. Some concepts in the programme seem a little far-fetched. For example, the first phase of reading any book is to flick through the book, a page turn every 2 seconds. The idea is that the information becomes embedded into your sub-concious mind where it lives forever. What if your subconscious mind is always there trying to direct you and all you need to do is let it guide you?

Just picking random bits to read is its way of directing your conscious mind to where it knows you really want to read. The result was a mixed bag.

So many times before when I felt that it was a drudgery just getting to the end of a chapter. Not this time. If I felt like skipping a few lines, or a few pages, it was OK for me to do so. That thought stuck with me. Even though it goes against what I believe is real, for now Ill run with this idea because it seems to work for me, despite no real explanation as to why it works. After watching the DVDs and trying the techniques with a few books, my friend asked me to read a fiction book.

Photoreading and Mind Mapping for the 21st Century

She told me she read it in a day, so it would be a nice easy read for me books never are, for me at least and she told me it was a nice story. It was the story of a man who tried to kill himself.

PhotoReading Open House with Paul Scheele

But it had the lead up of his life and how things went from bad to worse, beginning with the death of his mother 10 years previously. The final straw was when his daughter did not invite him to her wedding, as he was a trouble maker, drunk, embarrassment to the family. But the suicide attempt failed and he saw his mother, for one last goodbye and a chat about the bad things he resented in his life. In the end he saw the errors in his ways, and lived for another 5 years, making life better for himself and was satisfied with what he had. Or in fact any of the characters names.

I also didnt know about the little child-hood flashback stories when he was a boy. However I did go into detail about his passion for baseball, which was instilled by his father. How this passion eventually led to his missing the day his mother died, and his failing in the team led to the loss of his father in his life.

And how he turned his life around. And at the end, I read a book in 2 hours which would otherwise have taken weeks of time to read. I would recommend at least looking at this way of reading. Its boring and pointless. You can choose the main points to pick up, and usually those points are very concise and it takes no time at all to pick them up. I have photoread 5 books this week, versus no more than 3 normally read in the last 2 years. I aim to continue learning about speed reading and photo reading and making reading books a more enjoyable part of my life. Tags: develop , fast , paul scheele , photoreading , read quickly , reading , skills.

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PhotoReading… does it work ?

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Has almost the same elements than photoreading, but for me the part about concentration etc. Most people misread Photoreading Anyone can photoread thousands of words per minute. This is a way of getting information INTO your head. You will access it naturally if this is information your non-conscious mind perceives as important or fun. Preview — Photoreading by Paul R. Photoreading by Paul R. When you learn Photoreading you will experience what might sound impossible. You will PhotoRead the written page at rates exceeding a page per second, directing information into the expanded processing capabilities of your brain.

There the information connects with your prior knowledge and becomes useful to accomplishing your purpose. You get your reading done in the time When you learn Photoreading you will experience what might sound impossible. You get your reading done in the time you have available, at a level of comprehension you need. Get A Copy. Paperback , Third Edition , pages. Published January 1st by Learning Strategies Corp first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Photoreading , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 04, Ray rated it it was amazing. I'm an experienced photoreader and the reviews that I've read are shocking! In my opinion these reviewers are actually dismissing, due to a lack of dedication, an open mind and persistence, something that could change their lives!

The Good and the Bad The Good: 1. A reading paradigm shift. PhotoReading is basically using "divergent" eyes to see the page and thereby allowing your creative right brain to see the text. This results in allowing you to read the actual text faster. The techniques in the book are far ahead of their time, or even the present learning technology.

The techniques range from increasing concentration by borrowing from dyslexic learning techniques, to synching information with both hemispheres of your mind through mind maps, to increasing regular reading speed with the most sophisticated speed-reading techniques, to emotional teachings of how to learn better with NOPS.

You need to suspend your disbelief, must be approached with an open mind. You need to practice the steps, though enjoyable now, I do remember the frustrated feelings I had while stumbling trying to learn this system.

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Paul did not explain mind mapping as well as he should have. This is no instant "magic pill", while the results are nothing short of amazing, you really need, as Brian Tracy would say, the "want power". I cannot recommend this highly enough. Please read it, practice it, practice it, and practice it.. View 1 comment. Dec 02, Naomi rated it did not like it. This is a groundbreakingly innovative review because it is telling you something new but you've really got to want to read it or it won't work.

Picture a banana balanced on your head and feel your awareness widen. This will help you concentrate when reading this review. Bloggs, business partner of author Now skimread this review but not too quickly at this stage. Then go back to the bits you felt you were most interested in and read those again.

Now scroll up and down so it becomes a blur in front of your eyes. Now you're ready to really take it in! Skimread the whole review - you can read it very quickly now! Ullible-Fule, random housewife who recently had the privilege of reading this review If you do not think this superduper groundbreaking review is helpful, that is because you didn't understand it or you're not reading it properly. Start from the beginning and follow it again. Disclaimer: method may have been scientifically disproven, but look at all the testimonials scattered throughout this review!

Jun 17, Marta Kob rated it it was ok.

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This book is a bit ridiculous. While reading it, I kept on thinking about all those dogs who are quite big, with big teeth and lots of strength so there is no need for barking.

Recommended Reading

Photoreading book is a bit like one of those barking tiny tiny dogs. I made me tired just reading all the praises from the readers inside the book. Why would you bother with that if the technique was reliable? The worse one is about a fire fighter who, after attending the photographic reading course, showed up at the stati This book is a bit ridiculous.