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M48 Patton in Action - Armor No. 22 [Jim Mesko, Kevin Wornkey, Don Greer] on dipotsdern.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Armor # The M48 Patton is a main battle tank (MBT) that was designed in the United States. It was the . The M48 saw extensive action with the US military during the Vietnam War. Over Pattons would be deployed with US forces during that war.

The first M48s were produced from to , but the Vietnam-era A3 was a modernized and refurbished variant that first rolled out in February It had a supercharged diesel instead of a gasoline engine and an enhanced fire control system. The turret and hull were made from cast homogenous steel and enjoyed a degree frontal slope. The turret had 4. Inch-thick floor plating gave good protection against enemy mines.

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A coaxial. Its shallow fording depth 4 feet and weight could limit its employment. The Magach 1, 2, 3 and 5 marks were all based on the M48 Patton while the Magach 6 and 7 marks were based on the M60 Patton.

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From the outset, the M48 proved a valuable tool through brute force and coordinated attacks. They were equally useful in repelling Indian offensives in turn. However, the Battle of Asal Uttar saw some Pakistani tanks lost in one battle, many of these being M48 in nature. Post-battle review signified that Pakistani tactics were largely to blame though other reviews found fault with the M48's armor protection against even an 84mm main gun.

The follow-up Indo-Pak War of saw more of the same in terms of pitched battles between the two powers. However, by this time, the M48 Patton was largely out of touch with the modern battlefield and results were not so positive as they were in Captured Pakistani tanks were put on display by the Indians in the Khemkaran District - the memorial named "Patton City". Modernization Comes a-Calling By the middle of the s the M48 Patton was seemingly outclassed when compared to the new crop of Soviet tanks in inventory.

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The M48 was formally fitted with M68 mm main gun to help increase her potency on the modern battlefield and make it compatible with the M60 using the same mm main gun it was operating alongside with. The new model series was designated as the M48A5 and the modernization program was open to all current American allies.

Some German Pattons were upgraded in this fashion.

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Turkey has remained the largest current operator of the M48 with around 1, still in reserve service, all due to be retired in the near future. Turkish designations included the M48A5T1 based on the M48A5 with the M68 mm main gun, passive night sight and diesel engines.

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An armored recovery vehicle existed under the designation of M48T5 "Tamay". The Brits designed M48 tanks as self-propelled anti-aircraft gun systems under the designation of "M48 Marksman", signifying its use of the Marksman turret with two 35mm Oerlikon autocannons as well as a Marconi Series radar system. The Finnish Army purchased the creation in seven examples sometime in and designating them as "ItPsv 90".

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The only major difference was that in the M47, the gunner controlled the rangefinder, while in the M48 series, it was controlled by the commander. Box has some wear but parts are still in the bags. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees. Each page book contains some 50 photographs and diagrams, and 12 pages of full-colour artwork. Book Keiler Mine flail.

One major development of the M48 family line became the Taiwainese modifications of the Patton. Conclusion In all, the M48 eventually found a home outside of America, landing in the inventories of Allied nations across Europe and in the inventories of warring parties in the Middle East.

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Some still exist in number in Southeast Asia but many have given up the M48 to history. Those still in service are generally held in a reserve status and are awaiting replacement or retirement. The M60 Patton was n full production by , ready to take the reins from the M Armament 1 x 90mm T54 OR M48 main gun.

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