IIS 6: The Complete Reference

IIS 6--The Complete Reference
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For example, if your website is running with address www. Please refer to the Integrating Jira with Apache for reference. The above example configures Tomcat to listen for proxied IIS requests on port If this port is already in use on the machine where Jira is running, please change to another port.

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When downloading, choose the version of Windows that IIS is running on either win32 or win64 , and then choose the latest available jk version. X' is the version number.

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You will need to remove the version number from the DLL file i. The provided files contain the changes mentioned here and should work if you completely follow this document.

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If you have deviated from this document, then you will need to modify these files as described below. The workers. The uriworkermap. To edit these files:. Edit the uriworkermap. To get the currently used time, use getrusage.

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You may also need to look at Apache's timeout setting Win32 version for me , I changed max execution time value in php. You should check your web server's guides for more information about HTTP timeouts.

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IIS 6: The Complete Reference [Hethe Henrickson, Scott Hofmann] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publisher's Note: Products purchased . Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The Definitive Resource on IIS 6. Administer and IIS 6: The Complete Reference (Osborne Complete Reference Series) - Kindle edition by Hethe Henrickson. Download it once and read it on your.

If you are streaming large data from database, it is counted towards the max exec time. I had a few quick php scripts I wrote for use with cacti for example. IIS 5 has a default timeout of seconds.

If you need a higher timeout, you also have to change IIS properties. Otherwise, your server will stop your PHP script before it reaches its own timeout. Unfortunately, a script which gets into an infinite loop can produce an alarming amount of output in only a few seconds.

Unfortunately, even two seconds of run time produced enough output to overload the memory available to my browser. Now, let's move on to bigger and better things. The metabase, which is similar to the registry, is a hierarchical data store that provides configuration data for IIS and its services i. This snap-in provides an easy-to-use management GUI that presents a simplified view of the metabase's hierarchy and structure. But to access the power of administrative IIS scripting, you need to look at the metabase in more detail than the GUI provides.

The IIS 6. To modify IIS configuration, you can directly edit the.

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To do so, open a command line and type. Select Edit, Find from the menu bar and search for the string ServerComment. The IIS 5. NET Framework. For IIS 5. Metabase Explorer doesn't work with IIS 4. Metabase Hierarchy As you begin to delve into the metabase, the first thing you encounter is its hierarchical nature.

Most tasks you want to accomplish with a script involve setting or retrieving a property at a specific node in the hierarchy.

how to add virtual directory in iis 6

Be certain to keep this hierarchy in mind when writing scripts, or you might unintentionally change child elements' properties. Let's use Metabase Explorer to accomplish the same task as iispath. To do so, we'll explore the pathname i. Expand the Web server object, then expand the LM LM stands for local machine, represented by localhost in iispath. When you select the ROOT node, the right-hand pane displays several properties.

The Path property appears in the right-hand pane, as Figure 2 shows.

Now, let's change iispath. For example, to output the default documents, modify the one-line script to read as follows:.

Notice that both versions of iispath. This function accesses an object of a specific class aka Key Type , depending on the pathname argument you use. When you use Metabase Explorer to view an object's properties, the object's class appears as the KeyType. Table 1 shows some examples of the classes that the GetObject function can access. The IIS documentation describes the properties and methods that each class supports, these properties' functions, and how to change the properties.

After you access an object derived from one of these classes, you can query the object as to its properties so that you can determine specific settings, such as a virtual directory's path or a Web site's IP address.

IIS 6: The Complete Reference

You can use scripts to set values for these settings or, in some cases, invoke predefined actions, called methods e. Let's examine the objects at each level of the hierarchy in our example pathname. The machine node IIsComputer class. This class has only a few properties and machine-specific methods, such as the Backup and Restore methods. Listing 1 shows a sample script that uses the Backup method to back up the IIS metabase.

After you run this script, the file MyBackup. The backup function lets you specify a backup-version number.