Hangn On - Struggling in life and the Peloton

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This is the first. Join me. And experience the adventure of having the wrong gear ratio the whole time, making the ride harder than it had to be. BUT- continuing on anyway. Schedule, start lists and results can all be found here. I felt like I needed to re-post this from January.

STRUGGLE makes you STRONGER - Motivational Video

It ties into today's post on Instagram. Sometimes you must turn off the leaderboard and let go of the standard idea of 'winning'.

In the race’s decisive climbs, riders study each other constantly in search of weakness—or a bluff

What I began to appreciate about Italians was that they really did care—about everything. Bob Hamilton. Thanks Danny! My Results so Far I am about five months into cycling with the Peloton App without the actual bike and both my husband and I spin several times a week. Like CyclingTips? Search Within These Results:.

I didn't want to do the tempo race. I was achey from the keirin crash. I was tired. I almost didn't do it. This race literally triggers thoughts of counting every pound, ounce, inch of me. Take a risk. What have you got to lose. So letting go of whether I'd win or take last, letting go of the result and just letting myself play and ride the damn bike I won.

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Obsessed with numbers? Do you watch the scale output cadence resistance like an actuary? Do you mark a day as good or bad based on numbers? Do the numbers really define whether you win or lose? Is your worth, your mood, your stability built on a metric? The numbers don't know how strong you are.

The numbers don't know how bad you want it. There is no metric for willpower, determination or heart. Tomorrow at 7am, turn off the leaderboard. Don't chase anyone.

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We all continue to grow throughout our lives, or at least, we try to do so. The growth and growing pains of adulthood are identifiable in Hollinger's Hangin' On. Hangn On Struggling In Life And The Peloton English Edition Available for download with PDF format, download free, here a complete collection of books.

Listen to your guts and just ride. You will surprise yourself. We've all been sidelined at some point. I know a few of you who are currently dealing with setbacks right now. And it can frustrating and scary. We set goals and we are plowing our way towards them- and then BAM.

Maybe we can take the moment that feels like a wall in our way, have a seat and take a good long look at that wall. Take really deep breath and get ok with practicing patience.

Sink or swim: How the Zwift Academy winner fared | CyclingTips

Then maybe we have a good long talk with that wall. And maybe after we spend a some time bitching about it not too long , we change that chatter, pick up the chalk and draw a door on that wall. Then, we take amother deep breath, put our hands on that door -that we made- and using all our best words, push through that wall. Still feeling under the weather. We will make this up as soon as possible!

What does a pro cyclist do after retirement?

What ride are you doing today instead? I woke up with frogs in my throat and while I sound raspy and Kathleen Turner-ish, I'm losing my voice! I joked that if I treated everything in my life like I treated my Peloton classes, I would be much better off. Having to get myself to the studio, fight my way through the locker room, setup my bike, and start at a specific time was killer.

So on days when I have a class, I focus on drinking water all day.

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I also sometimes use Nuun Hydration tablets to add some flavor when I need extra motivation. Until I started spinning regularly, I had a more complicated relationship with food. Sadly, I have yet to figure out the cause, but what I have figured out is which foods will help me perform at my best in a spin class.

The Peloton App (now rebranded as Peloton Digital)

The structure of the class provides a nearly perfect controlled environment to experiment with this: a single activity for the exact same duration each time and detailed stats captured on the bike. I also have to make sure I eat at a certain time so I have enough fuel for class, but also enough time to digest. Eating breakfast makes a HUGE difference—even for classes in the evening—which has given me some motivation to try do that occasionally.

Overall it has made me more mindful about how the foods I eat help my body perform instead of focusing solely on my food anxiety. Instead, I remind myself of why I wanted to do it in the first place and make myself just do the damn thing. Occasionally in those moments I do realize that my body truly needs to rest , in which case I do skip the workout, but most of the time this advice is pretty spot on.