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In fact, less than one third of high school teachers feel that they are knowledgeable about career options in scientific fields; and less than two-thirds feel that they are knowledgeable about career options in information technology or engineering Hall et al. Moreover, less than ten percent of school career advisers have scientific backgrounds and, as such, have the information or expertise to adequately guide students in such careers Hall et al.

However, with the advent of the Internet, ICT-based Information and Communications Technology career guidance has evolved to include a wide variety of informational services facilitating interaction with career guidance professionals Hall et al. Even generic counseling services have been developed to help students make effective use of ICT in career guidance Vuorinen et al.

Such career guidance services assist in helping young people make informed and careful occupational, educational, training and employment decisions Vuorinen et al. Indeed, technology has long since reached the point where computer-based, epistemic games exist to provide simulations of professional training for students with disabilities Shaffer, As such, the Internet has proven to be an ideal medium for providing the young with real-time access to information when they need it—information previously unavailable or difficult or time consuming to access by prior means Jackson, Consequently, the motivational aspect of the technology has allowed students to access vital information—students who may have been deterred by more conventional routes Jackson, Thus ICT has provided expanded access to career guidance information.

New forms of virtual tutoring and support, distribution of working life information, career planning and development resources are being developed Vuorinen et al. The proliferation of services has been such that differentiated service delivery modes are now available to individuals of varying degrees of decision-making readiness and ICT literacy Vuorinen et al.

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Interactive Career Counseling on the Internet. Ginger Clark. John J. Horan. Amy Tompkins-Bjorkman. Theresa Kovalski. Gail Hackett. Arizona State University. To celebrate National School Counseling Week we provide some of the best free resources related to career counseling on the Internet.

As such, ICT is no longer acting simply as a tool but as a powerful change agent exemplifying the merger of education, employment and social policy Vuorinen et al. In many educational settings, career practitioners were not able to meet student needs in flexible ways using the Internet Patton, However, gaining access to the Internet is no longer the issue it once was Davidson, However, with the advent of Web 2.

Moreover, this has afforded students greater independence, giving them a sense of ownership over the career development process Davidson, As such, it is no longer possible for one teacher or career counsellor to provide all of the services required by students for their career development and, in all likelihood, ICT will continue to play an ever increasing role in defining career development in the future Davidson, Allan, B. The impact of membership of a virtual learning community on individual learning careers and professional identity.

British Journal of Educational Technology , 37 6 , Burgstahler, S.

Career Counseling Resources On the Internet

Making distance learning courses accessible to students and instructors with disabilities: A case study. The Internet and Higher Education , 7 3 , Davidson, M. The computerization of career services: Critical issues to consider. Journal of Career Development , 27 3 , El-Zraigat, I. There are a career path or academics is a big challenge. Nowadays circumstances. Career Guidance [2] is a process that Career counselors are available to help students in will help you to know and understand yourself and the selecting streams in education or to provide guidance world of work in order er to make career, educational, regarding ing career selection.

They are rarely available in and life decisions.

Computerized Career Assessment

Career Guidance can be referred to rural areas. Unfortunately, some of them are biased as a service provided by the particular school to help due to their personal experiences and opinions, hence students in making clever decision and changes so as are not able to provide right suggestions to the to develop their potentials as an individual and a students.

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Most of the counsellors charge high fees contributing ng member of the society. We need a reliable, unbiased and effective vocational, educational, and psychological potentials system which can reduce this issue and will able to and also achieving the best level of individual neutralize the complexity of such problems.

Our happiness and societal usefulness. Career guidance application CGS Career Guidance System is an consists of services that help people successfully approach ach to resolve such problems and provide a manage their career planning and development [3]. Internet should also be used for is used and followed in a structured manner. This aspect are students, especially sincee the choice should be based personal interests, personality traits, skills, aptitude, on several criteria and at a relatively early age. This comfort, etc.

This system will remove problem of lack important decision nott only affects the academic and of fast and reliable access to useful information professional life of the student but also the efficiency needed to make career choices. In fact, a bad educational or in a constructive manner,, an online career counselor professional guidance may be at the origin of several can be more effective and accessible than a real life educational and social problems: school failure, counselor.

It can be used to complement real life school dropout, lack of skills, integration difficulties, counselors; it can n serve as a tool used by them. Guidance and counseling has been limited to few institutions therefore not all the students can get counselling. Counselors and career guidance websites charge huge fees for guidance which is not affordable for large group of society.

Computer-Assisted Career Counseling

Many websites have clumsy GUI and users find it difficult to use. Sometimes counselors may not be committed and can Fig. Test Details m of Generation gap. Students may find The problem To evaluate students, tests will be conducted to uncomfortable to approach a guide who is older in understand personality traits, aptitude, interests.

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The age. If there is a career query, the candidate can simply drop in a question and start chatting with the counsellor without any hesitation. The most important feature of iDreamCareer. There is the latest information related to every other career whether its investment banking or vocation career like fashion designing.

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However, there are some costs to consider before opening your own practice:. Both ACT, Inc. These factors typically include:. For example, site administrators may customize log-in banners, create unique surveys that appear within the program, or construct site specific data elements e. Career guidance breaking the shell New approaches to interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity for more holistic and inclusive practice: cross-cutting; cross-institutional; cross-sectoral; and making use of integrated case management approaches

This list provides the website link, contact number and entry route for the listed institute. You first need to select a career option followed by choosing a career cluster and a career pathway. The third type of information for a candidate is on scholarship and competitions. Now one can easily get to know about the awards associated with a scholarship, selection procedure, official contact address of the scholarship provider, etc.

Another feature on the dashboard is the blog section which has valuable content related to various subjects, competitive exams and future career paths. For more information, you can view the video here. Take guidance from iDreamCareer. About Us About Contact Blog. What is Online Career Counselling? Easy Access through Internet : The internet helps students of all age to acquire new knowledge and polish their talents. Interaction with Career Experts at Personal Comfort : Online career counsellors are experts in their own fields, have deep knowledge of various courses and colleges and help extract the inherent talent of a candidate.

Take Aptitude Test from any Geographical Location : With online career guidance , the candidate does not have to travel long distances and can take the test from a location of their choice. Know Yourself : iDreamCareer. Colleges Selection and Applications : For those struggling with admission procedures and applications, iDreamCareer. Please provide the following details:. Class Class College.