Applied strategic planning: a comprehensive guide

Applied Strategic Planning: How to Develop a Plan That Really Works
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Save for Later. About this Item Book is in excellent condition. About this title Synopsis: This guidebook provides an overview to the proven Applied Strategic Planning process. Store Description I am an independent seller who takes pride in great customer service and quick shipping. I have a wide range of books available for purchase. Let's jump right on in. Chapter 1 looks at how to reflect on your previous strategy and extract value from your past experience of creating and executing strategy.

Embarking on the task of creating a new strategic plan should always begin with reflection. Even if you feel like you had a pretty successful execution of your previous strategy and delivering your goals, there are always lessons that can be learned to make things even better. So, before you even start thinking about your new goals, you need to do a frank and honest assessment of how well you did last time, and what can be improved upon.

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This book is intended to be a straightforward, comprehensive guide to conducting Applied Strategic Planning. It outlines, in a step-by-step fashion, how the. Applied Strategic Planning: How to Develop a Plan That Really Works Master planning: The complete guide for building a strategic plan for your.

OK, grab a notepad and start by asking yourself a few simple questions about your old plan:. Maybe it was a revenue target, a sales goal or a new product launch.

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Note down around 3 key things that you were planning to achieve by the end of the last strategy whether you achieved them or not. Now the hard bit — once again write down two things just two! You can do the whole process in around 30 minutes to an hour, and you can do it either alone or with your team.

Subscribe to our blog to get our latest strategy tips. Download our free Vision Statement toolkit to help you define your vision. In Chapter 1, we talked about a simple process for reflecting back on your success and failures in your last strategy. A final word before we get into the detail, we like to keep strategy simple, pragmatic and real. Strategic planning is much easier than many people realize. If you have an intimate knowledge of your business and are able to think pragmatically about your strengths and weaknesses, you should be able to create a strategic plan fairly easily.

The framework presented below is one that we have used with over 1, different organizations in our cloud based strategy platform Cascade. It borrows heavily from other sources too many to properly give credit too. Think of your strategy as a document that reads from top to bottom getting increasingly detailed as it goes. A simple but powerful anchor point for your strategic plan that sums up your ultimate end state in a clear and inspiring way.

The key behaviors that your own people need to exhibit in order to deliver against your ambitious new plan.

A high level grouping of strategy that gives a clear indication of what outcomes you are prioritizing to achieve your Vision Statement. A tangible goal that will deliver against the relevant focus area complete with a deadline and a metric.

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A goal or project, assigned to one or more individuals that will deliver against the appropriate Organizational Goal. Think of your scorecard as a way of slicing and dicing your data that is incremental to the core plan elements outlined above.

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Institutional leadership and management are two entirely different, yet intimately intertwined, aspects of the overall effective functioning of a higher education institution HEI. Here are just a few more collected thoughts to round things out:. KPIs62 It will help to keep you focused and honest when it comes to tracking your progress. Having a detailed strategic plan in place before embarking on a fundraising campaign can be a huge determinant of its success, even before the first dollar is raised. You can absolutely involve far more people in delivery — through a series of linked or cascaded sub goals. Organizational Culture.

For example, our framework above is great, but it lacks any kind of measure of how innovative different elements of your plan are. This is where a scorecard can really help. Many organizations already utilize a balanced scorecard approach for grouping types of goals.

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Balanced scorecards are well suited to larger organizations who wish to ensure a balance between key focus areas. Note that if you use the balanced scorecard, you need to ensure that it does NOT duplicate against your Focus Areas. They should be different and unique. Find out more: Unlocking the Power of the Balanced Scorecard.

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Strategic Horizons provide a high level categorization of goals against short, medium and long term outlooks. Using this scorecard places a strong emphasis on your desire to be innovative and forward thinking. Find out more: Mckinsey's Three Horizons of Growth. Your organization may already have a robust set of KPIs that you wish to group goals against. This is particularly appropriate for service delivery organizations. Goals can also be defined in terms of who or what they are designed to benefit.

Whilst there is some overlap with a balanced scorecard approach, not-for-profit organizations often find it useful to express goals in this way as it creates a tangible link between employee activities and the causes they are serving.

Applied Strategic Planning: A Comprehensive Guide

However you choose to categorize your goals, the main advice is to keep it simple. No more than 5 different options per scorecard, and a max of 2 different scorecards. Try to think forward to what kind of questions you might face around reporting as your plan rolls out, and build your scorecard to meet those needs. Strategy software is a new breed of SaaS that gives you an online hub for the creation, management and tracking of your strategy. A ready to go framework for creating your plan Easier to share and collaborate on your plan online Instant analytics on your plan Tools for deploying and ultimately executing your plan Quick, print-ready exports of your strategic plan.

If you'd like to test Cascade's platform, we can offer you a 14 day free trial! Get started below! Find out more about our free resources on our blog: Cascade Blog. In our first 2 chapters we talked about how to reflect on past successes and failures. We also spoke on how to choose the right strategy tools and methodologies. Now we get to the fun bit, our step by step guide to help you write a strategic plan that really works. Start by being exceptionally clear about what it is your organization actually does.

For example, Microsoft famously had a vision statement to Put a Microsoft powered computer on every desk in the world slightly paraphrased. But the outcome is consumers enjoying that bread. A consulting company gives advice. But the outcome is the success of others based on that advice. A government department does…lots of things. But the outcome is better lives for the citizens they serve. Very few products or services these days are truly new most are more like reinventions of something that exists already, but with a different approach, focus or spin.

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You need to define that something! So far, our vision statement is looking pretty generic along the lines of customers enjoying our bread. But why will they enjoy our bread MORE than the bread from the place next door? Is it because we use centuries old traditions passed through generations of our family?

Because we only use premium grade locally sourced ingredients? Whatever your unique selling point is — let it shine through in your vision statement. A common problem with vision statements is ironically, that they are too visionary!

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With no possible end in sight or a totally unrealistic one. The initial inspiration derived from a great vision statement can quickly turn to frustration, or even cynicism among employees and customers. They will come later in our planning process.